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    Interviews with creative's in Film,Television and the Arts.

    Gary Powell,Oz Magazine Publisher/Editor-in-Chief

    GP Studios Open House

    Conversation with Gary Powell,Oz Magazine Publisher/Editor-in-Chief. We spoke during GP Studios Open House. We discuss Oz Magazine - The Georgia Film Industry Resource, Ozonline.tv ,Tom Luse – Executive Producer of 'The Walking Dead' and a bit more.

    Walter Biscardi

    GP Studios Open House

    My conversation with new Creative Director of Georgia Pacific / GP Studios, Walter Biscardi, Jr. We discuss the little known but very cost effective Georgia Pacific Studio's located in the heart of downtown Atlanta.

    Blake Robbins

    Red Carpet: ATLFF - The Scent of Rain & Lightning

    I spend a few minutes talking with Director Blake Robbins on the red carpet of the Atlanta Film Festival premiere of his latest film, "THE SCENT OF RAIN AND LIGHTNING".

    Matthew Fahey

    Holden On

    Matthew Fahey, who plays the lead roll of Holden Layfield in the new film, HOLDEN ON. We discuss his heart felt desire to play the roll. Spending time with Holden's parents and friends to gain a better understanding of Holden and mental illness.

    David Graham Scott

    The End of the Game

    Candid discussion with Filmmaker David Graham Scott about his new film, "The End of the Game."

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