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    Written & Directed by David Graham Scott

    Scotland to Africa. The journey of the Big Game Hunter and the Vegan. "The End of the Game" originally started off as a character study and morphed over time into a feature documentary. The film starts in the Scottish Highlands were we meet Sir. Guy Wallace. A game warden who lives a rustic lifestyle, compatible to someone living in the 19th century. We follow along, as he prepares for his last big hunt. Starting in the far north of Scotland, near Caithness, John o'Groats. Then on to the hunt itself on a big game preserve in South Africa.


    Sir Guy Wallace, the focus of the film, is a subject of the British Empire who conquered most of the world, one of the last of his kind. Sir Guy enjoys a rustic and healthy lifestyle as meat eater, who thinks nothing of drinking from rain barrels. Where as Mr. Scott has been a big city dweller and staunch vegan for many years, even going to the streets of London to protest animal cruelty.


    Through this unique and poetic journey they create a friendship that we can all learn from, especially in these divided times. Befriending those who are different begins the process of learning to respect one another. That it is possible to revel in our differences and actually overcome them. Bravo Mr. Scott for showing us that at the End of the Game there can be very real understanding & friendship in diversity.


    OFFICIAL SITE: https://theendofthegame.info


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    Dave Made A Maze

    Cardboard Tank shoots wild flowers!

    Chattanooga Film Festival.

    https://chattfilmfest.org Creighton's WildFlowers Design Studio Cardboard tank brought back to life for the Chattanooga Film Festival showing of "Dave Made A Maze". http://davemadeamaze.com https://www.facebook.com/creightonsfl...

    DAVE MADE A MAZE, Director Bill Watterson


    Director Bill Watterson.

    The wonderful aspect of DAVE MADE A MAZE is that it's 95 percent practical effects. A practical effect is a special effect produced physically, without computer-generated imagery or other post production techniques. ... Many of the staples of action movies are practical effects. The film shows that you don't need a big budget just some dedicated people,cardboard glue guns and creativity to make a fun and engaging film.


    Atlanta Film Festival On stage Q and A with Director, Bill Watterson, Actor (Annie),Meera Rohit Kumbhani, Line Producer / Producer - John Charles Meyer, Producer - John Chuldenko. Hosted by Atlanta Film Society Executive Director Christopher Escobar


    Red Carpet Premiere Interviews

    Atlanta Film Festival

    Director Blake Robbins, Producer / Writers Jeff Robison & Casey Twenter,Producers Dan Koetting & Kevin Waller, Actor Brad Carter, Actress Meg Crosby

    Dave Made A Maze

    Red Carpet- Atlanta Film Festival

    Dave Made A Maze - Red Carpet Opening Night Interviews with Director, Bill Watterson, Actor (Annie),Meera Rohit Kumbhani and Line Producer / Producer - John Charles Meyer

    HOLDEN ON - Atlanta Film Festival Premiere 2017

    Heart Fire Film talks with Matthew Fahey

    Matthew Fahey plays the lead roll of Holden Layfield in the new film, HOLDEN ON. We discuss his heart felt desire to play the roll. As well as his research, talking to and spending time with Holden's parents and friends to gain a better understanding of Holden and mental illness.

    "Holden On" is based on the real life story of 17-year-old Holden Layfield. The film shows Holden's fight to keep his mental illness a secret at all costs.

    The End of the Game

    A candid conversation with filmmaker David Graham Scott

    Candid interview with authored documentary filmmaker David Graham Scott. We discuss his latest film,The End of the Game!


    OFFICIAL SITE: https://theendofthegame.info

    Filmmaker Margaret Byrne discusses her new film "Raising Bertie"

    Q & A with RAISING BERTIE Director Margaret Byrne during the Atlanta Film Festival. Hosted by filmmaker Art Jones from the Dream Factory. The audience had some great questions for Margaret on the film, and longitudinal documentary filmmaking. http://raisingbertie.com

    Q & A with LA SOLEDAD Director Jorge Thielen Armand

    Q and A with director Jorge Thielen Armand, the director of the new film, LA SOLEDAD. The film is a unique combination of Narrative and documentary style film-making.

    LA SOLEDAD is a vivid and intimate account of the Venezuelan crisis told through the real-life struggle of a young father trying to save his family from the demolition of their home.

    Kartemquin Films

    50th Anniversary Celebration - Chicago

    Interviews with various KTQ Filmmakers and the subjects of their films. Recorded during the KTQ 50th Anniversary Celebration. Movie Geeks United is one of the top film review,discussion and education websites.

    Produced for Movie Geeks United


    Director Dinesh Sabu's journey to find out the truth about his parents who died when he was six years old.

    Atlanta Film Festival Interviews 2016

    Filmmaker Interviews and Q & A from the 2016 Atlanta Film Festival. Movie Geeks United is one of the top film review, discussion and education websites. Produced for Movie Geeks United

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